What you need to know before your appointment

1.     Agreement

Before your fibre installation appointment, you will need to ensure that a decision-maker for your property will be available to be there. During the appointment, they will be required to sign an agreement plan with our technician, and they must be ready to speak with our technician should any changes be necessary.

2.     Permissions

If you rent, we will require approval from your landlord before installing fibre at your residence. Obtaining your landlord’s approval initially is crucial. It finally protects you by guaranteeing that you are not in violation of your leasing agreement and risk losing your security deposit by having fibre installed. Here, you and your landlord can learn what is required to have fibre installed.

3.     Installation

Examine the many methods by which we install fibre in order to comprehend what is involved when a technician explains the installation plan for your location. When possible, we use the same approach as your current broadband provider to get fibre to your home. If this is not possible, our professional will propose the most practical and effective alternatives.


Fed overhead from a power pole to the outside of your house.


Through existing pipe or duct running from the street to your house.

If the underground pipe is blocked or unusable, our technician will make a recommendation that both parties agree on.


4.     Your fiber optic equipment

During your appointment, our technician will bring the fiber from the network in your street to an external termination point, which is a small box installed on the outside of your house (ETP). The fiber will then be routed from the ETP to another small box inside your home known as the optical network terminal or ONT.



Consider where you want your ONT installed so you can inform our technician. Because the ONT is where your modem connects, where it is located in your home can affect the quality of your broadband experience. We recommend placing it near your TV in the living room. Although your first choice of location may not be feasible, you do have a say.