Reliable & Affordable Internet Services & Support

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Founded in 2014 as a 100% black-owned company, Khula Tech Solutions specializes in high-speed internet connectivity and hotspot services. We have packages that suit both business and home wireless user.

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Reliable & Affordable Internet Services & Support


Wireless Broadband enables you to get reliable high speed broadband internet access to the home via our last mile Wireless Link. With aggressive pricing, short install times it’s the perfect product while you wait for Fibre to reach your area.


VoIP allows you to replace your telephone lines at a fraction of the cost as well as save you money on Local, Mobile and International calls. VoIP is the perfect add on service for our Fibre or Wireless offerings.

Hosting Services

We offer a wide range of hosting options – from basic email and websites, to dedicated cloud servers, custom hosted solutions and a whole lot more. Contact us today to find out how simple it is transfer or create your own domain.

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